Meeting the heat transfer requirements and controlling the flow parameters is one of our core competencies. Your needs which may include :
•To supply domestic hot water for a small apartment
• Process cooling of a large petrochemical complex with seawater
• Controlling the temperature of cooling oil tanks in power plants
• Heat transfer between chemicals to increase efficiency in a refinery
• Heat exchanger fouling control and prevention in order to increase maintenance period and extend their life span
• Consulting, designing and manufacturing special equipment to accelerate and simplify the maintenance process
• And …
are met with the lowest cost and in shortest time by employing skilled and experienced staff, professional software, advanced machining equipment, laser welding and cutting, huge forming presses and many other equipment in a standard and modern complex.
With many years of experience in modeling, die manufacturing and machining, TGT Co. has the Scientific and technical ability of reverse engineering of various types of heat exchangers, especially plate heat exchangers.
Utilizing advanced cameras, we capture three-dimensional images of complex geometries of heat exchanger plates (which are the main part of this type of heat exchanger), then these modeled parts and plate dies are designed by modeling software such as SolidWorks and Catia. Utilizing advanced CNC machines, these dies are machined with high precision. Then these dies used in modern forming hydraulic presses in order to produce heat exchanger plate.
TGT CO. Board of Directors include faculty members of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad and manufacturing specialists. TGT CO. have always emphasized on the importance of knowledge in different departments of the complex and educating customers. In this regard, TGT CO. based on requirements, hold conferences and seminars in various fields such as modern heat transfer systems, heat exchangers, presenting solutions for optimization of energy consumption and energy recovery in all region of our country to take a crucial step toward promoting industry by educating engineers and industrialist.

Our relationship with our customers still continues after purchase. Utilizing Taha Payesh intelligent system, we always monitor health condition of our products and if needed, offer cleaning and repairing services at factories or at advanced cleaning and repairing site of TGT CO. In addition, TGT CO. can supply high quality heat exchanger spare parts within the shortest possible time, using huge storage area.

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