Petrochemical Industries

The petrochemical industry is one of the downstream oil and gas industries that uses petroleum and natural gas to produce petrochemicals. Petrochemicals are used in the production of thousands of consumer and industrial products, including plastics, paints, rubber, fertilizers, detergents, textiles and solvents.

The petrochemical industry consists of two main parts: The main part of the petrochemical industry is the production of basic chemicals such as Ethylene from oil and gas. Secondary industries are turning basic petrochemicals into materials that can be used directly in other industries.

Heat exchangers are widely used in the petrochemical industry : Such as ethane production (the basis of many petrochemicals), plastics, alcohol, olefins, aromatics, detergents, polishes, etc . Thermal efficiency of high-consumption processes is vital for the petrochemical industry, and therefore for applications such as condensation, cooling, evaporation, preheating, final heating, etc., heat exchangers should be used, which are very efficient in terms of energy.

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