Taha Strainer



The Taha Strainer is a novel product by TGT Co. This product is used in a variety of applications to remove particles from water and other liquids. The shape and size of the conical screen make the Taha Strainer more functionally efficient than traditional basket strainers and reduce operating costs.

As water enters the bottom of the strainer housing and flows up, heavier debris and particulate is accelerated down into the reservoir at the base (due to internal flow patterns). The particulate is then flushed from the reservoir via the flush (drain) port, without interrupting the downstream flow. This is done manually by a ball valve (standard option).

All models operate with less than a 0.07 bar pressure loss at maximum flow, when clean (water service, perforated screen). The Strainer housing come standard with two gauge ports, allowing maintenance personnel to monitor the differential pressure across the internal screen. A differential pressure of 0.5 bar can be considered a good time to clean the conical screen.

The screen that meets the customer's needs can be selected. A variety of screen options are available, ranging from large perforated hole-openings down to fine mesh option. Screens are also supported with appropriate frames to make them more durable.

Model Inlet/Outlet Size Body Size Max Flow (m3/h)
TGT-STR-02 NPS 2" NPS 6" 20
TGT-STR-03 NPS 3" NPS 8" 40
TGT-STR-04 NPS 4" NPS 10" 75
TGT-STR-06 NPS 6" NPS 16" 165
TGT-STR-18 NPS 8" NPS 20" 285
TGT-STR-10 NPS 10" NPS 30" 445
TGT-STR-12 NPS 12" NPS 30" 670


Pressure Vessel Code
ASME BPVC Section VIII Division 1
Material of Housing, Internal Piping and Nozzles
Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel (304, 316), etc.
Material of Conical Screen (Perforated Sheet, Mesh and Frame)
Stainless Steel (304, 316), etc.
Material of Internal Gaskets
EPDM, NBR, etc.
Cover Gasket
Nonmetallic, Spiral-Wound, etc.
Perforation Size (mm)
Ø2 to Ø6.4, etc.
Wire Mesh Size
#20 to #200, etc.
Vent / Drain
Threaded Pipe, Flange, etc.


Typical applications of the Taha Strainer include:

Process Industry
Power Industry
Chemical Industry
Oil and Gas
Metals and Mining
Water & Waste Water
Pulp and Paper

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