The washing method depends on the machining conditions as well as the type of contamination, material, degree of purity required, and so on. In general, one or more washing steps and then one or more rinsing steps are used. If the product contamination was very severe, a pre-rinsing step is performed before the washing process. The type of detergent used depends on the type of contamination and the material of the workpiece. Usually water based alkaline detergent liquids are suitable for separating particles and solvent based detergent liquids are suitable for separating fat and oil.
• Water based detergent liquids (Alkaline)
o The pH range is neutral PH up to 14
o Effective separation of particles
o Eco-friendly
• Solvent based detergent Liquids (acidic)
o The pH range is from 1 to 5.5
o Effective separation of fat and oil
o Weak separation of particles
o Effect on the environment
o Suitable for aluminum and stainless steel
It is essential to control the temperature of detergent fluids.

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